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An emblematic place of dreams in the heart of Havana, where the tranquility converges with the soft whisper of the six clear water fountains that cover it. Where any traveler can enjoy the fantastic and well-known Cuban nights, with comfortable rooms and magical surroundings. With a decoration inspired mainly in the 40s, where beautiful lamps of bronze and wooden furniture shine, with a touch of modernity that gives the comfort of our times. Offering magnificent bedrooms, with total independence, air conditioning, hot and cold water and daily cleaning service; surrounded by a colorful garden that with its scent of flowers perfumes the sunny mornings and refreshes the warm and peaceful nights. Bringing the client a wide variety of spaces, with different characteristics that can be shaped to the needs of each guest and the particularities of their comfort to enrich their stay. Located two blocks from the Cinematheque of Cuba and the famous Columbus Cemetery, just 5 blocks from John Lennon Park and Havana's boardwalk, and for clients who prefer to spend a pleasant evening surrounded by art, concerts and dance, about 700 meters from the Cuban Art Factory (FAC); just a few minutes from the historic Old Havana and a few steps from the charming Miramar. Giving customers a wide range of tourism possibilities at their fingertips. The services include a transfer to the airport and there are conditions to host children and have pets on the property. . Monthly prices or for longer, will be convenient.

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